Source: News and Observer

Governor Cooper said at a press conference that those who refuse to wear masks to protect others during the coronavirus pandemic are being selfish, the News and Observer reports.

“For those who continue to defy basic decency and common sense because they refuse to wear a mask — either wear one or don’t go in the store,” Cooper said. “The refusal to wear a mask is selfish. It infringes on the life and liberty of everyone else in the store.”

Governor Cooper emphasized that wearing masks will be essential in culling the virus and reopening our economy.

“Not only is wearing a mask the decent, neighborly thing to do, it’s the best way to boost our economy,” he said.

Public health experts agree that masks are an effective way to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Governor Cooper’s opponent, Dan Forest, falsely claimed that “masks do not work.”

The Cooper Campaign released a new ad with the governor emphasizing the importance of wearing a mask.

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