Source: Sabato’s Crystal Ball

The experts at Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia Center for Politics recently unveiled their updated ratings for the gubernatorial elections in 2020. The upshot: Governor Cooper is in as good of a position as ever to win re-election in November, presumably because of his smart and decisive coronavirus response.

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, governors nationwide have seen bumps in their approval ratings. Governor Cooper in particular has experienced a groundswell of support in the competitive Tar Heel state. According to Sabato’s Crystal Ball, “Historically, incumbent governors are hard to defeat, particularly those with decent approval ratings. A positive response to the coronavirus may well bolster some of the incumbents up for reelection this time.”

Governor Cooper has enjoyed positive approval ratings over the course of his first term. During his handling of the coronavirus over the past weeks, “more than three in four voters give him positive marks.”

The rating change also reveals the stark divide between Republican candidates in North Carolina. Dan Forest, the Republican nominee for governor, has been criticized for minimizing the pandemic, and injecting politics and confusion by second-guessing Governor Cooper’s executive orders meant to slow the virus’ spread.

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