Source: Salisbury Post

In the Salisbury Post, the Editorial Board pointed to Dan Forest’s in-person campaign events as an “egregious example” of what politicians should be avoiding during the coronavirus pandemic.

“In a time when routine community events and informal gatherings aren’t happening to comply with health recommendations, political rallies should be no exception,” the Editorial Board writes. “There’s no reason to put politics over public health.”

That did little to stop Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, who held a tightly packed event in Iredell County recently. 

“The most egregious example of what to avoid was an event hosted by Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, who is running for governor, in Iredell County. Forest’s campaign posted a picture on his Facebook page last week showing an indoor venue with 10 or so attendees sitting around tables in typical banquet fashion and no masks in sight,” the editorial notes. “The photo would be a normal part of a campaign in any other election year, but it sticks out this year. Even one case that comes from a political event is one too many.”

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