Source: Salisbury Post

The Editorial Board of the Salisbury Post pleaded for residents to continue abiding by public health guidelines to ensure North Carolina can continue positive progress and emerge from the pandemic. Lt. Governor Dan Forest’s choice to hold large campaign events without masks or social distancing is hindering progress.

“On Thursday, for example, page 3A showed no masks in a photo of a rally that featured Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves and North Carolina gubernatorial candidate Dan Forest, the state’s current lieutenant governor. No one in the photo, including Reeves is wearing a mask,” the board writes.

It doesn’t take much effort to wear a mask, the board notes. “Wearing a mask is a small step that single individuals can take toward ensuring that larger events are OK again and, among other things, that high school sports return.”

Elected officials like Dan Forest should set an example and put the health and safety of North Carolinians first, no matter what. But Forest has continued to hold in-person fundraisers to benefit his campaign.

“Political candidates like Forest may claim First Amendment exemptions. But the effect of having more than 200 people get together indoors poses the same danger whether it’s for a rally or something else,” the board adds.

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