In a press release, North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, in concert with law enforcement partners from 21 other states and DC, announced an agreement with PayPal Charitable Giving Fund (PPGF) “to assure that donors have the information they need when making charitable contributions through the company’s online fundraising platform.” 

In the past, PPGF would on occasion redirect contributions from a designated charity to another charity with similar goals. Donors would not be informed of this redirect.

The agreement would ensure that when donors choose to give money to a specific charity via PPGF, the intended donor is the actual recipient.

“This agreement is a win for the giving public and for charities,” Secretary Marshall said in the release. “It is absolutely vital that we be able to make informed choices with our charitable dollars and have confidence that our generosity isn’t being redirected without our knowledge.”

The settlement also included a contribution of $200,000 to the National Association of Attorneys General to mitigate the costs involved by government organizations who uncovered the discrepancies. 

Read the full statement released by Secretary Marshall here.