Source: ABC 11

Graybeard Distillery in Durham has been working on hand sanitizer production for weeks. According to ABC 11, nearly a month ago their first shipment went to WakeMed in Raleigh. Now they’re opening up to the public.

Chief Commercial Officer Sam Searcy told ABC 11 that Graybeard is going to distribute some 500 gallons for personal and business use. Searcy, a Democrat, also serves in the North Carolina Senate.

Graybeard is selling the sanitizer approximately at cost. Jonathan Fifield, General Manager of Decon Jones Toyota in Clinton, is thankful for what Greybeard is doing.

“Knowing that there was local companies out there that were North Carolina-based that were making hand sanitizer is important to make sure we supported the local community before we went out and tried to find it anywhere else,” Fifield told ABC 11.

The low cost is especially helpful for non-profits. Laura Martin works at Oak City Cares, a local non-profit for the homeless and at-risk. She told ABC 11 that hand sanitizer is difficult to find right now.

“You can get it but it’s pretty expensive and we don’t have a huge budget for cleaning supplies, so it makes a big difference to us and it makes a big difference to the people we serve,” Martin said.

For those concerned about dwindling vodka supplies, the company says they have plenty in storage and are able to continue providing Greybeard Vodka to consumers as well. 

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