Source: UNC 

The Hussman School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill announced that six graduates have been awarded a Pulitzer Prize this year. 

“We are so proud that our alumni continue to lead national conversations. Throughout their beats and fields, they make their mark by not just covering news, but uncovering it,” said Susan King, dean of the school, in a statement on the school’s website. “That is the UNC Hussman value, and we are happy to see our students carry the lessons they learned of our excellent faculty and staff and peers into the world as alumni.”

The school touts a number of Pulitzer Prize winners, dating back to Horace Carter, a 1943 graduate who was awarded the Pulitzer in 1953 for his work campaigning against the Ku Klux Klan. Carroll Hall, the campus building housing the Hussman School, has on display Carter’s Pulitzer. 

The 2020 winners include a number of journalists who “were all involved in projects that sparked national conversations and recognitions,” the post says.

Brady Dennis ‘00 is a national reporter for The Washington Post.

Nancy Donaldson Gauss ‘05 is an associate managing editor at The New York Times and leader of the Times’ video team.

Nikole Hannah-Jones ‘03 (MA) is a domestic correspondent at The New York Times Magazine.

Monica Ulmanu ‘10 (MA) is a graphics editor at The Washington Post.

Carolyn Van Houten ‘14 is a staff photojournalist at The Washington Post.

Madison Walls ‘18 is a news designer for The Washington Post.

Read the full post on the six Pulitzer Prize winners from the Hussman website.