Source: Spectrum

Loretta Boniti joined the Cooper family to discuss the incumbent governor’s life and upbringing in an exclusive interview for Spectrum News.

Cooper discussed his earliest memories growing up on the family farm.

“Even as a very young child my father would take me out to the farm,” Cooper told Boniti. “We would walk the fields and along the river.  He would show me places that he went fishing as a child. I even remember one time I was very very little, sitting on the bank of the river with my fishing pole, and sliding into the water. And I have vivid memories of my dad pulling me back out of the water. It is sort of emblematic of my dad, he was always there when I needed him, and he was a real inspiration. Both my mom and dad were real inspirations to me.”

Cooper earned a law degree from Chapel Hill before joining his father at a law practice. In his later 20s, Cooper challenged an incumbent lawmaker to earn a seat in the General Assembly.

“Today, I like the public policy a lot more than the politics part of it,” he says. “I like the meeting people and hearing what people are going through, but what I really like is implementing public policy and to do things for good. And you’ve got to go through the politics part of it to have an effect on the public policy.”

Cooper met his wife while serving in the General Assembly and the couple has three daughters.

“I don’t think most people know how funny he is. He kind of has a serious and a straitlaced, and most of what he does is very serious, and it’s very business-like, and that’s what people see,” Kristin Cooper, his wife, said. “But he’s got, you know, he’s got an insane sense of humor. He’s got the dad jokes, and he’s also really funny. You’re not married for 30 years without finding ways you can laugh at things.”

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