Source: Wall Street Journal

Analysis from the Wall Street Journal shows that North Carolina Democrats are well-positioned heading into 2020 elections. Recent polling puts top-of-the-ticket Democrats slightly ahead of their competition, but the real battle for control of the state takes place at the local level. 

Some states are seeing high fundraising numbers for the top-line races, but in North Carolina the competitive downballot seats are keeping pace with their Republican opponents, the Wall Street Journal reports

“One bright spot for Democrats: Candidates in hotly contested races in North Carolina are keeping up with their Republican opponents’ fundraising, a testament to the state party infrastructure built up in recent years by Gov. Roy Cooper, among others,” Gabriel Rubin writes for the Journal.

Republicans have admitted as much. In the News & Observer, a Republican operative said that third-party groups will need to step in and prop up Republican incumbents who have failed to raise their own money. 

“Since some Republican candidates in key races … are failing to raise the funds they’ll need to win in November, (Citizens For a Better North Carolina) plans to spend all of its funds before October to try to give underfunded Republicans some cover,” he told the News & Observer.

Democratic leaders point to the importance of redistricting and ending a decade of Republican dominance in the legislature. All told, between candidates, committees and outside groups, Democratic Rep. Graig Meyer anticipates a 10-digit total.

“If you add up all the campaign spending, it’ll probably be $1 billion,” Meyer told the News & Observer.

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