A recent article from Stateline, an initiative of The Pew Charitable Trusts, profiled the work of Attorney General Josh Stein.

“When a bipartisan bunch of state attorneys general announced this summer they had cut a deal with phone companies to crack down on infuriating robocalls, Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein of North Carolina led the news conference in Washington,” the article says.

The article also notes the bipartisan nature of Stein’s work, joining forces with other attorneys general from across the nation and aisle.

“Stein has used consumer issues to ingratiate himself with North Carolina voters and the GOP-led legislation. Meanwhile, showing that he can fight Trump-led Republican initiatives has boosted his national profile,” Pew writes.

Stein has worked across the aisle closer to home, too.

“State Sen. Jim Davis, a Republican who worked closely with Stein on the opioid bills, said passage would have been impossible without Stein,” according to Pew. 

Fighting the opioid crisis has been a focus in Stein’s tenure as attorney general. Just recently, his office announced a $1.6 billion settlement with a major opioid manufacturer, another victory through a bipartisan effort of numerous attorneys general.

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