Source: WRAL

States that moved quicker to reopen businesses like bars have been forced to reverse course as the spread of coronavirus continued unchecked. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has advocated for a slower, more measured process to reopen North Carolina without putting people at further risk of coronavirus.

Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott told KVIA that he would not have opened bars in hindsight.

“If I could go back and redo anything, it probably would have been to slow down the opening of bars,” according to KVIA. “And having a bar setting, in reality, just doesn’t work with a pandemic.”

Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis also had to reverse course and bars were forced to close in the Sunshine State as well. 

In Arizona, the Republican Governor Doug Ducey was forced to make a dramatic course correct, shutting down bars, movie theaters, gyms and water parks, according to PBS. 

These policies are in stark contrast to North Carolina under the leadership of Roy Cooper. As Republicans in the legislature push to reopen bars and gyms, Cooper has advocated a slower approach that seeks to prevent an unmanageable spike in cases. 

That also differs greatly from the approach advocated by Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, Cooper’s opponent in November. Forest has suggested that he never would have closed bars or restaurants in North Carolina and, when asked about Texas and Florida reversing course, told reporters the question was irrelevant, even as Forest plans to sue the governor for taking action to protect the health and wellbeing of North Carolinians.

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