Justin Parmenter, a well-known educator and blogger from Charlotte, provided commentary for NC Policy Watch about unfolding scandals in the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) under the leadership of State Superintendent Mark Johnson. 

Retired K-3 Literacy Director Carolyn Guthrie turned in a MacBook that still had access to her iMessages, meaning anyone able to log in to the computer could read her conversations in real time. Apparently, contrary to protocol, DPI did not wipe the device, with messages syncing more than a year after her retirement.

Supt. Johnson used text messages drawn from as “evidence of a confidentiality breach serious enough to require cancellation of the procurement process,” Parmenter wrote.

The scandal raises questions about just exactly how Johnson came into possession of former employees’ text message conversations, and how they provided a justification for Johnson to revoke a request for proposal. The decision ultimately resulted in a new decision-making process and the selection of a different company to evaluate K-3 reading performance.

Read Parmenter’s full commentary here.