Source: News & Observer

Former Editor-in-Chief of Time, John Huey, writes in a column that the two Carolinas are approaching mask mandates and the battle against coronavirus in very different ways. But North Carolina, under Governor Roy Cooper, is showing true leadership, he writes.

Huey has a unique perspective as a person with “one foot” in both Carolinas. His family goes to the mountains of western North Carolina when the Lowcountry gets too hot, he says. Shopping in South Carolina, Huey sees little if any mask-wearing. But in North Carolina, he says that every customer and employee at the Harris Teeter was masked.

Huey wonders if future generations will question how wearing a mask became a partisan issue. In North Carolina, Governor Cooper mandated masks and in South Carolina, Governor McMaster has refused to do the same. 

Leadership is required to encourage people to wear masks. When the president chooses not to wear a mask, governors like Roy Cooper have taken up the mantle and filled that leadership void. Governor McMaster has not. That’s the main point, Huey says

“It’s about messaging and trying to model behavior that medical science tells us is likely to save lives. It’s about leadership,” Huey says to close the column.

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