Source: WUNC

Ralph Baris has worked with coronaviruses for decades, earning himself the moniker “the coronavirus hunter.” For years, he has tracked the viruses and worked on medications to help treat the infections caused by the virus. One of the treatments is remdesivir, recently approved by the FDA for COVID-19 treatment, WUNC reports.

 For 35 years, Baris has worked with animal and human strains of coronaviruses, tracking their progress and taking note of how they changed. In the interview with WUNC, Baris discusses how he became involved with coronavirus research and explains the process by which it jumps from bats to humans.

Speaking about remdesivir, Baris says that it is showing great progress in helping treat the coronavirus.

“They showed that the drug was very effective at reducing the number of days that infected people are in the hospital by about four days. And also, there was a reduction in mortality,” he says.

“It’s a huge development for the treatment of COVID-19 infections. I think it gives people hope that there is a treatment for COVID-19 infections if we get it early,” Baris added.

Listen to the full interview of “the coronavirus hunter” from WUNC.