Source: Washington Post

Donald Trump won the votes of many suburban women in his 2016 campaign, but now many are turning toward Joe Biden in the election this fall. A major driver of that shift is the president’s bungled response to the coronavirus, the Washington Post reports.

“He was telling everybody it wasn’t a big deal — but I knew it was a big deal because of my job. I’m like: ‘Why am I taking 60 coronavirus deaths in one day, on one shift, when I used to only take 20 death calls a day?’” said Nin Bell, a Philadelphia resident who voted for Trump in 2016. “He made a lot of mistakes. He just runs his mouth. . . . He’s the president, he can’t get away with that, especially when people’s lives are in danger.”

She now says she definitely plans to vote for Joe Biden. Another woman says the “law and order” campaign message from President Trump is falling flat. 

“We are unsafe in Trump’s America — and I find it funny that he keeps posting pictures from his America, saying it’s what’s going to happen in Joe Biden’s America,” said Jennifer Applegate, another former Trump voter. “I would do anything to have him not reelected. I think this country is a hot mess right now due to him. . . . I don’t even think this is about politics right now. It’s more of a humanity issue for me.”

Many others cite Trump’s divisiveness and hope that a Joe Biden presidency would unite the country.

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