Source: News & Observer

Imogene Holmes has been living in her Harnett County rest home for the entirety of the coronavirus lockdown, filling her days painting flowers and butterflies, according to the News & Observer. “I haven’t been outside the front door in six months,” she told the paper.

Imogene has been painting for seven years now, starting at the age of 87 by encouragement from a friend. But she didn’t think of herself as a particular talent when it comes to painting.

“I had no idea I could paint,” she told the paper. “My husband didn’t even want me to paint the wall.”

Imogene called her friend Becky Blair, an owner of the B Hive gift shop. Imogene said that, in the call, the Lord spoke to her and told her to sell her paintings. She saw twenty paintings sold in the first week alone, according to the paper.

Painting has kept Imogene active during quarantine; she has a clear point she works toward each day. 

“Just till I get tired,” she said to the paper. “I get tired so easily. I paint a little more and I rest. At 94, you’re not as young as you used to be.”

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