Source: Charlotte Observer

Pat Cohen spent her lifetime performing for others, and now that the coronavirus pandemic has given cause for intense isolation, she’s still finding ways to entertain, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Cohen lives in Salisbury, but she was once a New Orleans-based performer who went on world tours, the Charlotte Observer reports. Before the pandemic, you could find the 63-year-old singing renditions for nursing home residents in the area.

But once the pandemic struck, she had to decide whether or not to continue the practice, particularly considering her own health concerns. But for her, the decision was easy. It was just a question of whether the facilities would let her come. Two said yes.

Now, Cohen performs a number of classics for the residents of the facilities, including Yolanda Adams’ “Open My Heart,” Nina Simone’s “Love Me or Leave Me,” Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” and more. 

“You just do what makes you feel good. This makes me feel good,” Cohen told the Charlotte Observer. “I get more joy out of doing this than I get out of doing some of the clubs. This makes me happy. When I leave outta here, I feel like shoutin’ sometimes, I feel so good.”

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