Source: Daily Tar Heel 

The University Baptist Church in Chapel Hill has continued supporting their community even amidst the pandemic. The doors of the church are not open for services currently, but they have distributed almost 10,000 servings of homemade soup, the Daily Tar Heel reports.

‘Stock the Pot’ is a project by the church that began in April. DeWanna Banks is the chief chef and leads the effort, saying the work has brought “a lot of healing and a lot of magic” to the community, according to the DTH.

“This was a spiritual enterprise,” Banks said. “I wanted to be useful and focus on something I could do.”

Banks learned the ropes when she prepared 300 meals to raise money for the church. Now, four to five members work together each week preparing meals for the community. They wanted to continue serving the community and making meals seemed like the best fit.

“We decided if we had a small group, wore masks, socially distanced and had our own work stations in the kitchens, it would be safe to come in,” Martha Peck said. Peck serves as the head of missions at UBC.

“COVID-19 has been so devastating and this has been a way for people to join together,” Peck said. “There’s something we can do that is helpful to people. Soup not only tastes good, but is good for you.”

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