Source: Salisbury Post

Nina Oliver returned from maternity leave in March. Like many new mothers, she has been navigating the dual responsibilities of work and parenting. In Nina’s case, her work centers around protecting Rowan County residents from a global pandemic, according to the Salisbury Post.

Originally from New England, Nina moved to North Carolina to attend Guilford College. Her interest in public health led her to study the topic further and to her current position leading Rowan County’s department. She worked her way up the rungs and took over the department in 2014.

Though COVID-19 dominates her workload, other public health concerns persist. Specifically, Nina is passionate about drug and opioid abuse, the Salisbury Post reports. The issue is personal, as her sister overdosed three years ago.

“It’s long, hard and very demanding work,” Nina told the Salisbury Post. “Dealing with something unknown is scary.”

Despite the restrictions in place to help slow the virus, Nina remains hopeful. “Life can still be good,” she told the Salisbury Post. “But it will just be different.”

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