Source: CBS17

Alex Robinson, a 16-year-old resident of Raleigh, started “Flowers for Floyd” in order to “share light and love in the midst of such darkness,” CBS17 reports.

“The recent events have really affected me personally, especially because I’m a mixed-race person. I was very angry so I decided to channel that into doing something with kindness,” Robinson told CBS17.

The “Flowers for Floyd” project is a memorial to George Floyd. Flowers are put on porches, cars or just handed out. They also include an uplifting note and recipients are encouraged to pass it on, CBS17 reports.

“These flowers are the most peaceful protest I can think of. I really hope it encourages people to take a stand against all this hatred in this country with a lot of kindness and inspire a lot of hope in people and a lot of joy,” Robinson told CBS17.

Robinson intends to continue the project for as long as he is able to, hoping to recruit more people along the way.

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