Source: ABC11

Lindsey Atkins is a licensed clinical social worker. She created the character Joey the Kangaroo, complete with a book describing his story, to help children deal with living through a pandemic, ABC11 reports

“They can experience the character going through it and find something about themselves in the character and hopefully learn something about themselves and how they can handle things,” Lindsey Atkins told ABC11.

In the book, Joey confronts the feelings that arise while dealing with a pandemic. The book has black and white illustrations, allowing kids to color and express themselves creatively.

“Another way in addition to storytelling that kids are able to process feelings and experiences without words is through art,” Atkins said.

Atkins says her goal is for parents and children to be able to discuss what is happening during the pandemic in a constructive way. The book comes both in Spanish and English versions online.

“My main goal is for parents and children to know that talking about and thinking about this together is actually very helpful for children,” Atkins said.

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