Source: News and Observer

Triangle-based data analytics firm SAS is leveraging their products to help save the bees. 

With bee colonies worldwide in jeopardy, the firm hopes its technology can help prop up the species, the News and Observer reports. SAS has partnered with a group from Appalachian State University to create a tool that visualizes the bee population and creates a database to monitor their progress.

With enough participants, the project should begin painting a picture of bee populations around the world and with a large enough data set, they hope new information can be found to more successfully preserve the species crucial to the ecosystem.

“SAS’ data visualization will show the crowd-sourced location of bees and other pollinators,” Appalachian State professor Joseph Cazier said in a press release. “In a later phase of the project, researchers can overlay key data points like crop yield, precipitation and other contributing factors of bee health, gathering a more comprehensive understanding of our world’s pollinators.”

SAS has created a bioacoustic monitoring system for their on-campus hives, allowing them to give beekeepers real-time updates on hundreds of data points.

“We can stream data from hives in real time and analyze those for red flag incidents that beekeepers would need to respond to,” Sarah Myers said in an interview. Myers is a product marketing manager for SAS. 

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