Source: Salisbury Post

Nursing homes across North Carolina have had to become more restrictive as the facilities are a breeding ground for the coronavirus pandemic. But one facility still found a way to let family members come by and cheer up the residents.

Trinity Oaks is a senior living facility in Salisbury. Family members and loved ones gathered one Sunday recently — from a safe distance — to boost everyone’s spirits, the Salisbury Post reports

Marjorie Kelly is a resident of Trinity Oaks and said the parade was a lift on their spirits. “It’s sad, but we’re getting through it,” Kelly told the Salisbury Post.

The residents were properly clothed in masks and while the procession went by they waved flags or homemade signs. Kelly held a sign asking her family to send pinot grigio.

While the family members still had to keep a distance, some residents have been able to stay in touch via technology. Yvonne Draper is a resident and has used FaceTime to talk with her family. She says it helps, but she misses physical contact, according to the Salisbury Post. 

Trinity Oaks plans to revisit the socially distant festivities in the future, including Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day and Independence Day.

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