Source: CNN

President Trump has without evidence suggested that mail-in voting would be a threat to the integrity of November’s elections. That message is why some North Carolinians opened their mailboxes with raised eyebrows after receiving a mailer from the North Carolina Republican Party. 

John Herter, a Lincoln County resident, received the mailer which called for voters to request an absentee ballot. “Is this a joke?” he asked his wife.

Herter is one of numerous North Carolinians to receive the mailer and to find it difficult to square the president’s rhetoric with the actions of the state party.

“The irony is very thick and definitely not lost on me,” Gaston County resident Chandler Carranza told CNN. “Trump has been saying mail-in ballots will bring fraud to the election but absentee ballots are legit. Which is it? It can’t be both ways. I laughed because if the campaign actually took information from other times they have reached out to me, they’d know I won’t vote for Trump despite being a registered Republican.”

A spokesman from the North Carolina Democratic Party noted in a press release that the president recently requested his personal mail-in ballot from Florida.

“Trump just requested his mail-in ballot from the State of Florida last week; his only problem with voting by mail is when Democrats do it. He knows that when all North Carolinians have equal access to the ballot box, he doesn’t stand a chance.”

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