Source: News & Observer

In the race for state auditor, the two candidates have quite different resumes, according to the News & Observer. Beth Wood is the incumbent, serving as state auditor since 2009. Wood says constituents know how she’s brought experience into the job.

“They understand what I bring to the table,” Wood told the News & Observer. “I’m the only CPA running and my record speaks for itself, that I put up some very impactful audits and recognized the hundreds of millions of dollars in wasted spending.”

Wood recounts her experience growing up as her inspiration in the job. “When I got to the state auditor’s office and I learned what it did, I was like, oh my gosh, this is the agency overseeing how my mom and dad’s tax dollars have been spent,” Wood said.

Anthony Street is running against Wood. He won the Republican primary despite a litany of criminal behavior in his past.

“He has also been accused of simple assault, refusing to obey orders from police, causing a scene at a concert, and threatening a man’s family over money,” the News & Observer reports. He was not convicted on those charges, which were misdemeanors, “but was given a conditional discharge on the stalking charge that included six months of unsupervised probation,” the paper reports.

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