Source: News & Observer

Many college students have seen their lives turned upside down. Amid the spread of coronavirus, universities across North Carolina and the United States have sent students home, closing dorms and moving classes online. For some, that means going back to their childhood home and logging into classes virtually. For others, that means a loss of important financial stability from jobs at school and uncertainty about living situations.

According to the News & Observer, more than $1 million has poured into emergency funds for students at UNC-Chapel Hill and NCSU. Alumni and concerned citizens have donated money that will directly benefit struggling students, the university system announced.

“COVID-19 has disrupted all of us,” UNC System Interim President William Roper said. “Your contribution to one of these funds can help minimize disruption to the academic aspirations of a deserving student.” 

Money has already gone toward delivering students home who were unable to afford the trip, the News & Observer reports. Additional funds have helped pay for students who lack access to the internet.

Chapel Hill also announced refunds for housing and meal plans, ensuring students get money back that would otherwise be impossible to use.

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