Source: WRAL TechWire

In March, Dr. Samuel McLean caught the coronavirus. His wife, son and even his dog caught the virus as well. He recovered, but set out to find a way to help support frontline workers in the fight against coronavirus, WRAL TechWire reports.

“I was experiencing all the stresses that first responders have — with worrying about getting infected and, much worse, infecting other people and seeing so much tragedy,” he said on Tuesday. “[There’s] also a lot of social isolation.”

That’s why Dr. McLean partnered with the UNC Institute for Trauma Recovery, Google Cloud and others to help develop the “Heroes Health” app. The app is run by the UNC School of Medicine and allows workers to keep track of their mental health, WRAL TechWire reports.

The application has mental health self-assessments and helps them track various symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. It also has resources to connect them with mental health support.

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