Source: Charlotte Observer

Every time the state holds a press conference regarding the coronavirus pandemic, Mike Sprayberry announces what day of the response they’re into. Sprayberry is the state emergency management director, a job he’s held since 2013 under two governors. 

Sprayberry is one of a few figures who are in the limelight by way of their position, along with Secretary of Health and Human Services Mandy Cohen and Governor Roy Cooper. The Charlotte Observer article notes that Sprayberry is unique in his combination of “folksy charm with military mannerisms and steadfast optimism.”

Sprayberry said that he finds the job fulfilling.

“I enjoyed my time in the military, no doubt,” Sprayberry told the Charlotte Observer. “But I will tell you this: I find the mission of public safety and public service, where you get to use your skill sets to help people, very rewarding.”

Ending his presentations with a similar tone each time, Sprayberry leaves the audience with encouragement and an assignment.

“As always, don’t forget to look out for your family, friends and neighbors,” Sprayberry says. “And call your loved ones daily. I guarantee you they’ll appreciate it. With kindness and cooperation, we’ll all get through this together as one team, one mission and one family,” Sprayberry says.

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Tuesday, June 16

Raleigh native pens song to honor health care heroes

Excerpt: Raleigh native Abby Schiller wrote and performed a song called “Hero to Me” which honors health care workers who are on the front lines battling coronavirus. The video features UNC Health staff members.

Source: ABC11

Abby Schiller is a Raleigh native and a rising sophomore at Berklee College of Music in Boston. To honor health care workers who are on the front lines of coronavirus, she wrote and performed a song titled “Hero to Me,” ABC11 reports.”

“I wanted to help anyway I could,” Schiller told ABC11. “And, I definitely wanted to highlight the people on the front lines as well as inspire the community to reach out to the front line workers and thank them.”

The video and song honors all health care workers, but for her video she specifically partnered with UNC Healthcare. UNC Healthcare’s videographer recorded the video.

“From physicians to nurses to medical assistants to environmental services staff to parking attendants, it takes a lot to put together a village of people to provide care in a safe and productive manner,” Dr. Amir Barzin said. Barzin was featured in the video and works at the hospital. “And, for everyone to be recognized for the work they’re doing is really neat to see.”

A portion of the proceeds from the song will be contributed to the UNC Health Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund, Schiller says.

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