Source: Washington Post

North Carolina Republicans dominated the General Assembly for most of the last decade, but a groundswell of support and fairer maps in 2018 led Democrats to break the supermajority in both chambers. That made it possible for Democrats to uphold vetoes by Governor Roy Cooper when Republican legislators overstepped with unpopular legislation.

The 2020 elections represent the best opportunity for North Carolina Democrats to take back control of the General Assembly for the first time in nearly a decade. That would position the state to make investments in teacher pay and education, Medicaid expansion for more than half a million North Carolinians and a seat at the table for redistricting.

“Most states that hand their lawmakers map-drawing power also give governors the chance to veto it. Not North Carolina, which is bad news for Democrats, because Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper seems on his way to reelection,” the Washington Post reports.

Some court decisions have resulted in marginally fairer maps, so Democrats see this year as an opportunity to gain power. 

“Republicans control both state legislative chambers, but Democrats ate away at Republicans’ supermajority in 2018 and now have the majority of both chambers in reach in 2020. They are six seats shy of a majority in the state House and five short of holding the majority in the state Senate,” the Washington Post reports.

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