Source: Washington Post

In the absence of a federal testing strategy, states have been forced to develop and implement strategies on their own. Now, a multi-state compact has begun to step in where the national government has not, the Washington Post Editorial Board writes.

“That this situation remains so fragile after five months is due to Mr. Trump’s imprudent decision to leave the pandemic response to the states. Acting alone, many states have been overwhelmed, unable to get a foothold in global markets for supplies and equipment. What makes the latest initiative noteworthy is that governors are working together to amplify their purchasing power,” the editorial authors write.

The governors are banding together to purchase rapid tests. While the federal government response remains inadequate, these governors are stepping up to the bat for their constituents.

“There are plenty of technical details to be worked out. It will be critical for manufacturers to meet the challenge. But these seven governors — and, we hope, many of their colleagues — are showing that the nation does not have to be left adrift,” the editorial concludes. “Leadership counts.”

The multi-state compact comprises three Republicans and four Democrats, including Mike DeWine of Ohio, Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, John Bel Edwards of Louisiana, Charlie Baker of Massachusetts and Roy Cooper of North Carolina. Mr. Hogan organized the effort in his final days as chair of the National Governors Association.

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