Source: WRAL

At a press conference, Governor Cooper urged North Carolinians to remain vigilant while the coronavirus continues to remain in our communities. 

“These numbers and trends are sobering,” he said

“This virus is still very much present in our communities,” Secretary Cohen said at the press briefing.

Cooper said that the various options to continue reopening the state are still on the table, but to successfully combat coronavirus it will take everyone working together.

“I know people are tired of this virus, but it’s still deadly. We can’t let our guard down,” Cooper said. “Our numbers aren’t where we want them to be, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.” 

Cohen pointed to the initial success North Carolinians showed in banding together as inspiration for our current challenges.

“Early on, North Carolinians came together and proved we can flatten the curve,” Cohen said. “We can do it again.”

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