The outbreak of coronavirus has made it impossible for many live performances to go on as planned. But NPR has compiled a list of places where people can find concerts live and online, from streams around the world.

Many of the concerts are on streaming platforms that are easily accessible, like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Others require some sort of subscription but are almost entirely free to view.

As the coronavirus causes local bars and restaurants to close, many local artists are finding it difficult to make ends meet. They rely on live performances, impossible in a time where gatherings of more than 100 in North Carolina are banned and more than 10 are discouraged by the CDC. The live streams include tip jars and ways to support artists by purchasing merchandise.

The artists involved include well-known commodities like Willie Nelson and Common, in addition to live performances from prominent operas and orchestras around the world. 

Find the full and frequently updated list here at NPR.