Source: ABC11

World War II veteran Robert Moore just celebrated his 100th birthday. The Wake Forest man recounted to ABC11 his long life and how much things have changed.

In 1927, at 7 years old, Moore saw his first car. “I remember when police were riding bicycles because the policemen didn’t have a car to ride in,” Moore told ABC11. 

Moore served in the Army during World War II, reaching the rank of Sergeant and serving as a head cook under General McArthur.

“We landed in Australia, and then we went to a place called New Guinea,” Moore said.

After retiring from the military, Moore came back home. He had seven kids and they in turn gave him more than forty grandkids. One of the grandkids, Dameion, says that the stories his grandfather shares are always interesting.

“It’s really awesome because at the end of the day, even the stories that I’ve heard three or four times, when he tells them to me, I get a new perspective each time,” Dameion said.

Moore doesn’t seem too surprised at reaching the centennial year: “My mother was 104!” he told ABC11. 

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