Source: WRAL

The 30th Infantry Division was composed of National Guard soldiers from North Carolina and neighboring states. This month they were honored for their contribution in World War II fighting back the Nazis in France, WRAL reports.

Old Hickory, as their division was nicknamed, held back a division of German tanks in the small town of Mortain in France, according to WRAL. In August of 1944, the division held back the Nazis and played a pivotal role in saving the Normandy Campaign.

By the end of the war, General Eisenhower deemed the 30th Infantry Division as the best in the European Theater. For myriad reasons the honor they were to receive was never bestowed, until the ceremony this month. 75 years later, six of the survivors met at the Raleigh ceremony to receive the honor that had been delayed for so long.

“It’s an achievement that was long overdue, but having gotten it, it fills the gap that we have been recognized for what we did over there,” King Kenny, a 96-year-old veteran of the 30th Infantry Division, told WRAL.
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